Just Launched! Our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask!

As I am sitting here in my home at the moment during these difficult times I wanted to take the opportunity in introducing our newest product! Our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask.  Our mask comes in a powder form and all you need is a little water to activate it. 

This mask is like no other in the U.K. Made with the finest glacial marine clay from a live and active glacier in a remote area off the coast of British Columbia Canada. Ethically sourced, hand harvested, and barged out by boat as not to disturb the natural surroundings of the environment.  

Having personally visited the owners and the factory where the clay is processed, who are amazing,  I knew that I had to have this ingredient in our skincare line for our customers here in the U.K.  Rich in nutrients and healing properties with natural phytoplankton our mask can be used on the Face and Body.  It is designed to detox the skin pulling out impurities but also hydrates, tightens and plumps the skin ready for our gorgeous Glo Facial Oil or one of our beautiful nourishing moisturisers for flawless skin. 

Perfect for both women and men our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask is becoming a fast favourite with all our customers. 

Available in a Limited Edition starter size of 30g jar it is a must have addition to your skincare routine. 

ZAZA & CRUZ Skincare is proud to work alongside businesses that provide sustainability, are environmentally friendly and produce low carbon footprints with their products. 

Much Love & Stay Safe 

 RH xx