Glacial Mineral Detox Mask - ZAZA & CRUZ
Glacial Mineral Detox Mask - ZAZA & CRUZ

Glacial Mineral Detox Mask

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Our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask is made with pure Canadian Glacial Clay hand harvested from a remote region off the West Coast of Canada.  This mask is like no other as the clay comes from a live and active glacier in a remote part of British Columbia. 

It is submerged in the Pacific Coast waters where it is replenished daily with the coming and going of the tides.  

Used for centuries by the aboriginal people of the area, the marine micro nutrients from the phytoplankton helps to nourish, heal and restore the skin.   Once the clay is removed with a warm flannel, your skin will feel lifted, tighter, more hydrated and look purely radiant.  This beautiful natural mask is a pure luxury facial in a jar. 

Ethically sourced with low carbon footprint. 

30g Limited Edition starter jar. 

This clay is only available in the U.K. from ZAZA & CRUZ 


Using the scoop provided place a small of dried mask in palm of your hand or small glass bowl. Slowly add drops of water stirring with finger until desired consistency is reached.  Place on the desired areas of your face or body and leave for 15 min or until just about dry.  Remove with a warm flannel and feel the difference. 

Avoid the eye area 

*Caution as with all clay masks if you have any facial tints do not place on these areas as it will fade colour.