About Us


When makeup artist Rebecca envisioned ZAZA & CRUZ she saw a beauty brand that brings modern luxury to the market but being all natural and with pure ingredients. Looking at what the beauty industry will be in 10 years time, she sat down to formulate products that she new would work for your skin, be natural, sustainable, and created for you. 

She went on to develop our first skincare product our Award winning Glo Facial oil and Glacial Mineral Detox Masks. Used and loved by many to hydrate and soften fine lines under your makeup. Our products are developed to enhance your beauty not to mask it. To feel good and support wellness with our signature scent of botanicals in our products to relax and unwind your senses. To bring beauty forward for those who are on the move or need to wind down after a long day. 

ZAZA & CRUZ is not just a beauty brand it is that feeling of family, and we would love you to be part of ours. 

"Being a makeup artist, the skin is your pallet. You need to look at the skin first. Dry sensitive and tired skin that needs to look refreshed under the makeup. Beauty is whatever you see and want to be, to feel good in your own skin. This is why I created ZAZA & CRUZ" - Rebecca