ZAZA & CRUZ is a brand that takes you on a journey.  It is developed to bring you more than just skincare. We want you to feel and be the best you can be. By looking at nature and bringing you the best ingredients for your skin and for your wellbeing. Bringing a bit of luxury to your everyday life. 

From our home to yours we want you to know we feel the same experiences you have every day.  With family, with friends, with children or your own time by yourself, it’s about relaxing with a few precious moments to take care of you.  To be the best you for others.

Unisex and designed with simplicity, ZAZA & CRUZ was born from owner and founder Canadian Makeup Artist Rebecca Hastings. Just because life is hectic doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good.  Named after two of her children, ZAZA & CRUZ is a skincare brand that believes unity together is the way forward.

Growing up with the nature that surrounded her of the Canadian West Coast as young girl her family would go for long walks through the rain forests and spend summers on the beautiful west coast beaches with the salt air.  Discovering plants, botanicals and sea life along the way.  When she moved to Scotland she was enchanted by the nature and beauty of the rugged Highlands of Scotland all around her.  After her children were born, she started to research the natural oils and botanicals and realised it helped their skin and her own, and started to see the benefits.  Using natural ingredients and her passion for nature Rebecca’s passion to seek out the best natural ingredients to benefit skin for it to recover every day helped her to create ZAZA & CRUZ.

Mum of 3 and wife of ex professional Canadian Internationalist footballer Richard Hastings she is merging her love of Canadian and Scottish Nature and love of the game of football that surrounds her family today.  To have natural ingredients that provides protection against cellular and external environment pollution.  With intoxicating botanicals and sensual skincare and a mini bar on the go for travel let us bring you a bit of regal luxury wherever life takes you.

Live your best life. Love the ZAZA & CRUZ life xx