About Us

Zaza & Cruz was started around a kitchen table in Canada by Makeup Artist Rebecca, wife of Canadian International footballer Richard Hastings. With 3 young children at the time, her drive was to bring non toxic makeup and skincare to her family. Seeing how chemicals could be harming her young children's skin now and in the future, and also the environment, she set her sights on creating a range of natural skincare products.

Named after her children, she launched the brand in 2013 after moving back to Scotland and after 2 years of research and formulation to find the right ingredients that work together to address the skin ageing.

Today the inspiration still comes from her children and from her clients. With being a football family she knows that only the best ingredients are used on the skin to face the elements and environment. Also inspired by the nature around her of the Scottish Highlands, she only uses natural oils, botanicals and essential oils created in the products that you see today. 

         Made in micro batches for quality and freshness for you, Zaza & Cruz is pure luxury for the skin.