Taking time for yourself with ZAZA & CRUZ

Taking time for yourself is considered by some a luxury in our day and age.  But it is necessary for your health and well being. So we at ZAZA & CRUZ believe you should have both. Too much stress and anxiety can take a toll on our minds and our skin.  To refresh and recharge I always say take this time in the evening if you can. 

Lighting one of our luxury candles at the end of the day is just a small way I try to relax my mind and start to unwind at the end of a long day. 

Recently we were interviewed by Coast Candle Co located in the Scottish Highlands in Nairn.  This interview is all about self care and what you can do to take time out for ourselves. 

Their beautiful shop is located in Nairn just outside of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. The shop  is full of gorgeous smelling candles and they also are stock our ZAZA & CRUZ products. I highly recommend a visit, not only for retail therapy, but also for calming the mind with the beautiful aroma that hits you when you walk in. 

 Have a read of our interview below.