We Have Won!

We are excited to announce that last month we took Bronze in the Global Makeup Awards 2021 for our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask!  We are so proud of our mask because in the last year it has taken not just one, but 2 Global Beauty Awards! 

Made from pure natural Canadian Glacial Clay that is hand harvested from a live active glacier off the Coast of British Columbia Canada, our mask is like no other.

With over 75% glacial clay in each jar,  this mask will help your skin with all different types of problems. Used by the indigenous people of Canada for centuries for all sort of ailments, it comes in a powder form and just needs a little water to activate the nourishing ingredients. 

From redness to acne, the minerals and phytoplankton in our clay helps to nourish and hydrate the skin leaving it plump, soft and glowing.  Leave it on for 15 minutes for the clay to detoxify and pull out the dirt and toxins from your skin.  Then with a warm flannel remove and see the difference. 

So take some me time this week , pour a glass of something nice, and pop on our Glacial Mineral Detox Mask. Then sit back and enjoy the spa from the sea.